Monthly Archives: February 2012

Having to work in IT means I have to spend countless hours in front of a computer screen. To pass the time I try to listen to as much music as possible. Today I finally put together a playlist of some of my favorite Chiptunes. (more…)


Being at a LAN can be a really fun time, except for your stomach. Combining¬†caffeine¬†and usually crappy food can lead to an out of shape, sick gamer. But there is hope, there does exist snack food that isn’t horrible for you AND tastes pretty good, while not impacting your gaming. (more…)

Any person my age remembers Lazer tag. Going to some park or game center to run around in a dark crowded room with a helmet and vest that never fit right. Or crying to mom and dad that you NEED to spend $100 per set for a gun that ran on about 200 AA batteries for 30 mins. Now Xappr is bring Lazer Tag, and I for one and ordering now. (more…)