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It’s pretty obvious that Microsoft is looking at 2013 for the release of their next generation Xbox console. I’ve been reading a ton of rumors out there, and I wanted to consolidate some of them and re-iterate some that seem pretty likely.



1. It’ll be out in 2013 – There is a lot of speculation that 2013 E3 will be the premiere of the new xbox.

2. Some codenames for the new box might be the Xbox “Loop” or Xbox “Durango” – Microsoft doesn’t usually use their code names as the final product name. For example: Kinect was originally called Project Natal.

3. Cloud storage and no discs – I’ve been seeing on a lot of MS rumor sites that they are considering using an all internet delivery/gameplay system. While I can see that as cool since I love being able to download games whenever I feel like it, but that would essentially kill the used games. I also am cautious about how MS will market this. Having all digital games would indicate that games would be cheaper since you don’t have to pay for things like plastic and box art. However, on demand games are usually not that much cheaper. This also leads me to think they’re considering killing off the whole MS points thing which sucks anyway.

4.  Windows 8 – One of the more interesting ones out there, but considering MS is going with an single OS ecosystem on its computers it would make sense to have a similar experience on their gaming console. Would be an interesting move to offer all of the Win8 apps and options on a T.V. console.

5. Lots and lots of Kinect – Love or hate it, but Kinect is here to stay. MS crushed the motion controls market and the last update added more Kinect functionality. I’m sure games will all have voice controls and you’ll be able to do even more gesture things with the new Xbox.


As I read about any other things I’ll post them up here. I for one am looking forward to checking it out.

I’ve been on this planet for 31 years and about 25 of those have been spent playing video games. Now that you read that you are clearly jealous. Despite all of the games I have played, there area I have always had this list of games I have never beaten. This year I’ve decided I’m going to start a “bucket list” of games I want to beat. This is the list of Nintendo list. (more…)


Decided to become an audio snob recently. So after doing some research I found a DIY project that, in the end, leaves you with a pair of headphones that compete with the big boys.This exact mod I did was named “thunderpants” by the original creator (Smeggy) from If done properly, a $100 pair of Fostex T50RP headphones will turn into a pair of custom wood headphones which, on frequency charts, match up to $1000+ pairs such the Hi-Fi headphones by Audeze , HiFi Man , Sennheiser and BeyerDynamic.