Monthly Archives: April 2012

Software that actually works as intended!

Today I decided it was frustrating not having the album art/covers for all of my music. I currently have 200GB of music total which is about 2500 albums I needed the artwork for. I went on a hunt for a program that just worked like it said without ads, toolbars, surveys, trial periods and any $$$ out of my pocket. Something very rare happened……. I actually found one. (more…)


I just upgraded my DSLR camera from a older Sony A200 (10.2 mp / no video /  n00b) to a newer Sony A55 (specs here). It is a beast, with full hd 1080p, 16.2 mp sensor, 10fps continuous shooting, built in GPS, live view finder and continuous auto focus for movies. Anyhow, this led me to my next project. A DIY camera stabilizer. Basically, after a TON of research (more…)