Announcing IT’S ON! with DonkeyShaun


Most people that know me know that I’m a pretty avid collector of retro gaming consoles. It started out a few years ago as a hobby but has now taken on a life of its own. 

Since I own a pretty good amount of games it comes to no one’s surprise I spend some of my time playing and (hopefully) beating them. After taking a couple of videos of just my T.V. screen showing the endings some of my friends and fellow collectors suggested that I start really recording them so people can see. So I’ve decided to create IT’S ON!

Now, I know there are innumerable people out there more dedicated, more thorough, and just plain better at gamine than I’ll never be. This isn’t about that. It’s not about speed runs, 100% runs, or perfect Long Plays. This is about one guy one game, and one controller trying to see if he can beat many of the games that have tormented him since childhood.

Below are my self prescribed rules for IT’S ON!

1. Original hardware only – I’m sure many people enjoy debating about where emulators and reproduction stuff appears in the legitimacy of gaming. To me it’s cheating even if you don’t do so. Having the option to utilize save states and cheat codes will always put a mark on any video made with them in my opinion. I won’t be using any of that. Rather it’s original console, game and hardware.

2. Minimal assistance – Unless the game is so beyond cryptic (I’m looking at you Metroid). I’m keeping my 3rd party walkthrough use to a minimum. I am planning on using my own gameplay notes.

3.  These are NOT Longplays, perfect runs, speedruns, etc. – I’m playing these purely for fun. I’m not a person that will sit forever to perfect my footage. You’re going to see me die, maybe even continue (gasp!). There are a ton of great places to find perfection videos, but this won’t be one of them. The real goal here is for it to be Authentic. I want to document fails, and try agains. Maybe I come back to them and work them again to get better, but I’d rather have someone know I really beat the game instead of having a video that I edited the living daylights out of in order to make it look like it’s.

4. Sometimes I will make guides – For some games I’ll put together my notes to go with the video. I don’t think

Here is where you can watch my progress as I go:

1. Twitch (Live progress)  –

2. YouTube –




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