Software that actually works as intended!

Today I decided it was frustrating not having the album art/covers for all of my music. I currently have 200GB of music total which is about 2500 albums I needed the artwork for. I went on a hunt for a program that just worked like it said without ads, toolbars, surveys, trial periods and any $$$ out of my pocket. Something very rare happened……. I actually found one. (more…)


I just upgraded my DSLR camera from a older Sony A200 (10.2 mp / no video /  n00b) to a newer Sony A55 (specs here). It is a beast, with full hd 1080p, 16.2 mp sensor, 10fps continuous shooting, built in GPS, live view finder and continuous auto focus for movies. Anyhow, this led me to my next project. A DIY camera stabilizer. Basically, after a TON of research (more…)


Decided to become an audio snob recently. So after doing some research I found a DIY project that, in the end, leaves you with a pair of headphones that compete with the big boys.This exact mod I did was named “thunderpants” by the original creator (Smeggy) from If done properly, a $100 pair of Fostex T50RP headphones will turn into a pair of custom wood headphones which, on frequency charts, match up to $1000+ pairs such the Hi-Fi headphones by Audeze , HiFi Man , Sennheiser and BeyerDynamic.


Live broadcasting by Ustream
So Patch and I purchased Catherine for Xbox 360 yesterday and spent a good 5 hours playing(on hard mode).  After 5 hours we only reached level 2 and were mentally exhausted.  However, I am not saying this is a negative as it called for something that games in the past few years have been lacking, which would be skill , brainpower and teamwork with friends. Its the type of game you think about how to beat when your sitting down at the dinner table and just want to go back and beat it. (more…)

Google fast flip is an experimental idea for viewing popular news articles. A lot of these websites exist such as Digg or Reddit, however I like the new UI ideas Google has.  There are 4 different ways to sort your news articles. They use Popular , Sections , Topics and Sources. Once you click on one of the articles you choose you can scroll fast between them using the left and right arrows on the keyboard. Try it out, I find it to be great to catch up on news.

Link here –


Loss of manufacturer would be a huge blow to Android

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) has struggled to compete with Android.  Its newest phone is over a year old, and looks badly dated compared to the latest slick Android hardware.  And it’s being outsold over two-to-one by Android globally, according to market researchers.  But Apple has a secret weapon — litigation.


So far on my first day of using Google+ , I’ve noticed the pluses (no pun intended) and minuses. I see where they are copying age old social networking ideas and creating some new ones of their own. I truly think this is the first project by Google that brings all of their services together. It brings Picasa, Gmail, messenger, maps and a search engine into one. It also integrates with your android device so seamlessly I was shocked.   Here are my pros and cons


1)      Set up is Fast & easy. In total probably took 5 minutes to import my photos already in Picasa , make a profile and even set it up on my phone. (more…)

Evo 4g Screen/Digitizer Replacement Guide



Parts needed:

New Digitizer ( search google / amazon ) = $20-$40

New adhesive  ( search google “evo digitizer adhesive”) = $5

Tools needed:
Small phillips screwdriver
T5 Torx (very small)
Safe Pry took or a small flat head screw driver (more…)