Good Software: Album-Art Downloader

Software that actually works as intended!

Today I decided it was frustrating not having the album art/covers for all of my music. I currently have 200GB of music total which is about 2500 albums I needed the artwork for. I went on a hunt for a program that just worked like it said without ads, toolbars, surveys, trial periods and any $$$ out of my pocket. Something very rare happened……. I actually found one. So this program just pwnz, and within about 30 mins it downloaded almost all the correct album covers and automatically placed them in the correct folder.

If you do use this program I suggest just having it search amazon , coverlandia (offical), and google images. Most of the covers come from google images anyway but its worth having the other two.

How to use:

Download > Install > Open

Go to File > New > File Browser

Browse to your music folder > Click Search > After its done click “Select All albums with missing artwork” Bottom left

Click Options on the top left > Make sure it says “Automatically download and save the first result that meets set criteria”

Click bottom right ” Get artwork for selection” and there it goes.



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