Headphones: My new custom planer magnetic “woodies”


Decided to become an audio snob recently. So after doing some research I found a DIY project that, in the end, leaves you with a pair of headphones that compete with the big boys.This exact mod I did was named “thunderpants” by the original creator (Smeggy) from www.head-fi.org. If done properly, a $100 pair of Fostex T50RP headphones will turn into a pair of custom wood headphones which, on frequency charts, match up to $1000+ pairs such the Hi-Fi headphones by Audeze , HiFi Man , Sennheiser and BeyerDynamic.

 The Fostex T50RP headphones use a planer magnetic driver (Explained here!)  which is usually only used on very very very expensive units and is the key component of my new headphones. I  threw in some of my own ideas including dampening ideas, sealing and my custom wire job with  high quality 22gauge wire’s and the best 1/4″ Plug on the market. I customized the bass port to suit my listening needs while keeping them extremely well sealed for noise reduction. The next project will be a Tube amp for these puppies.


How they sound

I find them to a have a good sound stage for close headphones. Crazy good noise reduction from the outside world. The mids and highs are really good and bass is not too strong but not too weak. I think overall it was a successful project, everyone has to hear these through an amp 🙂



What I used / needed

1 Pair of Fostex T50Rp’s – For the drivers and headband

BeyerDynamic 4″ Pads

22 Gauge silver plated wire   + nylon mesh

1/4″ Plug

Thick Felt

Fiber Fill or Cotton

Blue Tack ( the tacky stuff to hang pictures)

Your choice of a hard wood ( Maple in this case )




    • Justin April 23, 2012 6:30 pm  Reply

      Gotta close all ports except for a small hole for base. If they arnt meant to be closed i dont suggest closing them.

  1. Sam March 2, 2014 10:28 pm  Reply

    How did you carve out the cuos and baffels?

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