moga-game-controllerFor whatever reason I’ve never been very into portable gaming. I had a Gamegear back in the day but that was about it. Now a days though I find myself playing more and more games on my phone which if you’re an Android user has gotten to be pretty darn awesome. MOGA just came out with an Android controller, and I may be changing my tune on gaming at some point. (more…)

One of the really nice things about living in New Jersey is, I always am near lots of retro gaming stores. Once in particular which happens to only be 30 minutes away   from my apartment is quite famous; Digital Press in Clifton New Jersey. Digital Press has always been the stuff of legends among game collectors, and it’s a place I’ve been wanting to visit for quite a long time. Did it live up to the hype?  (more…)

Despite finding myself living briefly in the 3rd world post hurricane Sandy, I had the chance to catch Wreck-It Ralph over this weekend. It brought to light a lot of interesting thoughts and emotions I think are worth sharing with everyone. First and foremost I will keep spoilers to an absolute minimum here because the bottom line is, the movie is 100% worth seeing. It’s a great kids movie, or a good movie if you happen to be a gamer.  (more…)

Recently Brett and I have been on a retro gaming tear. Call it an attempt to reclaim our childhood. I personally think of it as a way to finally beat the games that haunted me for years (I’m looking at you Ghostbusters). Anyway, in our travels we’ve come across a ton of stores and it think it would be fun to do some reviews so people know about them and what to expect. (more…)

Despite having zero time to do anything anymore, I’m going to try to make a more concerted effort not only to play games, but to talk about it. So prepare for some blog posts from yours truly.


First and foremost, we’ve started a Nerd Palace steam group. You can find the  group here It’s open for anyone to join so I encourage you to hop in if you’re a NP associate. Right now most of us on there are pretty into Borderlands 2 and I know I’m always looking for more people to play with. I hope to see you in there.