Announcing NP Game Room Live!!!!! 2/26 – 2/28

0d7c8c6a3a60f9a29dda44de48c5b34fComing off of our last streaming session we’ve decided to do another weekend extravaganza!

Our last stream was an absolute blast to go through. Despite some technical difficulties and losing a lot of sleep we went 24 straight hours playing games we love.

Initially the idea of Live Streaming was daunting with things like technical concerns, and what games to play really slowing us down. Once we were up and running though it became a ton of fun. Having the feeling of freedom to play whatever we felt like was just awesome and in the end some people actually watched which was interesting and exciting.

We have decided to do it again but slightly different. This time we’re calling our stream NP Game Room Live, and it will be on and off throughout the weekend of 2/26 – 2/28. We won’t be going non stop but we’ll be having more guests and even more of a variety of games. We hope over time to grow Game Room Live as our jack of all trades video series. Modern/Old, multiplatform, and a lot of fun.

We’ll be sticking with YouTube Gaming again as well since it worked pretty well the firs time. Below is a list of potential games. Not all will be covered and we’re more than open to suggestions. I hope to see you watching!

Potential List:

  • Night Trap (Sega CD)
  • Ghost and Gobs? or Ghouls and Ghosts 
  • Batman 
  • Zelda 2
  • Diver
  • New Ghostbusters 2 ++
  • Robocop
  • Megaman 2 w/Al?
  • Megaman 3 x/Al?
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Little Red Hood 
  • SMB 3
  • Double Dorgon 2
  • Getsu Fuuma Den
  • Holy Diver
  • Zen Intergalactic Ninja
  • Conquest of the Crystal Palace
  • Battle of Olympus
  • Iron Tank
  • Strider (NES or Genesis)
  • Toki
  • Little Nemo
  • Splatterhouse
  • GI Joe
  • R.C. Pro AM
  • Cobra Command
  • General Chaos (Genesis)
  • Jerry Glanville’s Pigskin Footbrawl (Genesis)
  • Mighty Final Fight
  • Sunset Riders w/ Seanny Funco

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